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anybody know anything about this controller?

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  • anybody know anything about this controller?

    I came across this torch-mounted remote amp controller. It appears to be some type of multi-level switch.

    The reason it interested me is that, for out-of position welding, I currently use one of the Miller thumb wheel controllers that I have modified with a contactor switch. This at least allows me to stop welding when it gets too hot. Seems like if I just had a couple more power levels besides ON and OFF, I might be able to do good continuous welds.

    Anybody used one of these or know anything about it ?

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    I can see the application. I have a thumb wheel that I use with my maxstar for some out of position work. I actually pretty much hate it to be honest. It is difficult for me to accurately control the heat and keep the dadgum torch still. Lately, when I find myself in that predicament, I'll the lift arc function on the maxstar (if I'm using that machine) or I'll scratch start it.

    Let me know how you like it.


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      OK. I have only had this thing a little while, but already I am tending to use it for everything. Works as advertised.

      The construction seems a little light, but it is supposed to be made out of glass reinforced nylon, so I think it would be hard to actually break it. We'll see.

      You really can change power levels without affecting your arc length. Great !

      I think with a little practice, you could do anything with this controller.