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  • Aerowave 300

    Hi I have a seriously burnt up Clamp board from my Aerowave, I am pretty certain it is repairable if I can find the component values. I have a Tech manual but the circuit doesn't show any values?

    I need the value of R1 and the ceramic disc capC7 above RC1

    The board No is141390.

    Any help please


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    Highly unlikely it's just a resistor, something had to surge to take out the clamp board. And it's never just the clamp board that blows.


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      I understand that but the board still will need repairing.


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        Hi Martin,

        We recommend reaching out to your nearest distributor for help with the right components. To find a distributor near you, please use the following link:

        If you have any further questions, please let us know. Thank you.


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          Thank you for you advice, unfortunately here in the UK the Miller dealers may not be as helpful as those in the USA, but I will give it another try.

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            Update Aerowave repaired!!

            For anyone in the UK give these people a try Specialist Machine Parts 01299 878965 Brilliant firm to deal with and the machine repaired in under24 hours.
            The good thing is they repair boards in-house ( at a fraction of the cost of a new board) and they can even rewind transformers. A breath of fresh air in this time of "oh that machine is not repairable but we can sell you a new one"

            Thanks for the use of the forum.