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Dynasty 210 dx cooling fan

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  • Dynasty 210 dx cooling fan

    I am currently running my dynasty off of 120 volts untill I can upgrade the power in my garage. I noticed the cooling fan turns on immediately after starting an arc, even when under 100 amps. I am wondering if this is normal? The machine has "fan on demand" and is dead silent when im not welding. Im thinking the fan is only suppose to come on while welding as opposed to other machines like the maxstar 200 I use at work which seems to have a constant fan running maybe at different speeds.

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    Doesn't state that in the service manual, however seems to be the case in many brands. Really it's a good idea to cool parts before they get hot anyways.


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      Mine does the same thing. The longer it runs at higher amperage, the longer the fan fan runs. Similar to the post flow settings I guess