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Issues with TIG Wireless Foot Pedal Control

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  • Issues with TIG Wireless Foot Pedal Control

    Hey all,
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently got a wireless pedal from a friend who did not use it for a few years. Everything seemed fine until I tried welding with it.

    On my Dynasty 200DX, if the main output is set to 200 amps and I give it full throttle, the machine will only put out 71 amps. If i lower the main output to say, 150amps, i can get somewhere around 60 amps out of the machine, It seems as though it may be a ratio or % of what the machine is actually set to.

    Ive struck an arc and watched the output meter, and also confirmed it is indeed only 71 amps (barely gets the base metal molten).
    Ive tried the pedal on 2 other dynastys, and have the same result. Using a wired pedal, everything is good. I had a new potentiometer on the shelf so I tried replacing that...still does the same thing.

    Called Miller and they didn't have much to suggest except that the transmitter and pedal are available seperately if I only needed one or the other...but each piece is over $500 list. Lol.

    Anyways, just trying to come up with any other ideas I should try before calling this one junk. It has new batteries (Kirkland if that matters), and battery voltage measures 4.8V for the whole pack.
    Any and all input is much appreciated! Thanks!