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bobcat 225g want do anything. need help

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  • bobcat 225g want do anything. need help

    Really need some help on this one, yesterday I welded with my bobcat 225g plus for several hours with no issues, this morning I come out to continue my work and I went to start it and it tred to start 4 or 5 times but was having a hard time due to a dead battery but I had it on a charger, and after a few try it just stopped, now when I turn the ignition switch to start it doesn't do anything, it doesn't click, doesn't spin, it's like it doesn't even have a battery. I checked the oil it was about a half pint low, filled that, it's full of fuel, this machine has a little under 1800 hours on it. What could cause it to do this? I've read maybe a f6 fuse but I don't know why it would blow when all I was doing was trying to start it..??