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Difference between the D-74 MPa Plus & D-74DX besides $?

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  • Difference between the D-74 MPa Plus & D-74DX besides $?

    I have been eyeing the D-74DX for a while now, and have been keeping occasional watch on Fleabay in case one comes up at a decent price, in good condition. I was putzing around this morning, and wandered to the site here this morning, just to see what the specs on it were, and came across this series where I noticed that there is also the D-74 MPa Plus. Looking at the lit on it, it says that it comes with everything that the D-74D does, plus extra AU features. I just realized a minute ago that it wasn't comparing it to the D-74DX, just the D, so I was wondering if anyone who had knowledge of both units, could explain the differences between them, and the advantage spending more get a person.

    Using the comparison page, it soon became evident that that was pretty worthless, there was almost nothing different in the columns between either of them, other than of course the difference in price - $4,649 vs. $5,989! So, what exactly does one get for an addl $1300+ msrp?