I'm new to Pulsed TIG welding.
I'm looking to add the pulser option on my syncrowave 250. The card will do up to 10 PPS.
The other option is to use a Miller PC-300 that will do up to 300 PPS.

On a different machine I set it to 10 PPS (MAX for the interal card) on a thin stainless T-Joint (~.060") and had excellent results on the backside of the weld.

What are typical setting for welding thin materials?
When would you use the 20-300 range? I see some of the other machines go as high as 500-5000 PPS.

I also run aluminum, but have never tried to use pulse. Is this where you would use the higher ranges?

Just trying to get a general understanding of the range and what I will actually need.

Thanks for your time.