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Using Pulsed TIG (PPS settings?)

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  • Using Pulsed TIG (PPS settings?)

    I'm new to Pulsed TIG welding.
    I'm looking to add the pulser option on my syncrowave 250. The card will do up to 10 PPS.
    The other option is to use a Miller PC-300 that will do up to 300 PPS.

    On a different machine I set it to 10 PPS (MAX for the interal card) on a thin stainless T-Joint (~.060") and had excellent results on the backside of the weld.

    What are typical setting for welding thin materials?
    When would you use the 20-300 range? I see some of the other machines go as high as 500-5000 PPS.

    I also run aluminum, but have never tried to use pulse. Is this where you would use the higher ranges?

    Just trying to get a general understanding of the range and what I will actually need.

    Thanks for your time.