A friend of mine who works at a engineering consulting firm has approached me about building 135' of steel handrail with ADA grabrail for a city park they are building. This would be on an ADA ramp, it includes all the normal rules for handrail/guardrail installed above adjacent 30" grade.

I understand the OSHA and building requirements, but as a small shop owner, what insurances and licenses should I have to actually install this Legally? Do I have to hold a contractors license to install, and if so, should I look to sub out the install and just build it?

Also, as far as the actual fabrication of the stairs go, the design was spec'd by the architect. I would use GMAW with .035" wire, the handrails will all go to galvanizing then powdercoating after fabrication. Any additional things I should think about with this?

I imagine there will be some field fitting, as it is 8% grade for 30ft, then a 6ft landing, following by 8% grade, and so on. I would incorporate slip joints, but I still imagine having to do some field fitting to make sure all is copacetic. I know that with certain jobs, funded by state etc, require all "contractors" to hold certain licensees and insurances just to set foot on a job site.

I don't want to open myself up to liability, or be halfway into the job and be red taped because of something I didn't or did do.

Thanks in advance,