Hello Group, maybe a silly question, but how much time or inches of weld should one expect out of the high freq. sys. before needing to gap/grind the points to keep the arc alive and suitable for a/c?
Now the long winded explanation: I've had the machine 12 years now and have had this erratic issue since machine went out of warr. I hardly weld alumn. over 200 amps, balance set at #7, freq intensity set 50%. and after a new set of points I can get about 60 to 100 inches of smooth weld before the high freq. goes ape ****. I can regap (0.012) and go again for a while, then same thing. eventually have to clean and or replace points.

I know that there can be an infinite # of causes to a common symptom, being from a automotive electrical background, so it is understandable that everyone I ask I get a diff. answer.
I have updated the Points holder, C-3 cap, and all other caps in the sys that had been upgraded with new part #'s. tried a diff torch, etc..
Still I keep getting the same thing, Erratic high freq, after 60 - 100 inches if weld.

Simply Am I chasing a ghost or this is normal? should I be able to weld every other day for 3 months with no prob?

Thanks for any and all insight, Jimmy