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s-64 feeder lcd didplay module

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  • s-64 feeder lcd didplay module

    Hi all, new poster long time reader, thanks for having me!
    I recently acquired a new to me 60 series feeder KG031205. Stk no. 131786-02-24 which is now connected to my xmt304. My question begins with an explanation. the feeder is equipped with both the voltage and wire speed displays but the voltage display never changes from 0.00. And the wire speed display shows random partial numbers Also it looks to have the dvc board installed however the pot has clearly been removed. I"ll put that in a whole other topic later. Anyways, Of course I couldn't resist taking it apart to attempt a diagnosis, what I found is both displays had the same part number and simply plug into the pcb so I swapped them and sure enough now I have a working working wire speed display! The lcd display is only available on a $600 board but I know someone here can point me in the right direction to find a replacement display module.
    It is a jewell modutec 599999-001-21J95. The digital voltage control is whole other post that I will tackle in due time. The feeder sits right above the power source so none of this is critical, I just dont like seeing the tools I use to fix things stay broken.
    Kinda like the body guy (me) with the rusty pickup truck scenario. Thanks very much and I hope I too can be of help on here some day!

    +1 To all the miller-era AIRCO owners out there keeping the orange alive!

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    Just got my hands on a 74 airco...she's a big ol girl. But I have nothing to add that would your plight. Sorry.


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      Nothing on the Miller boards is OEM, so merely take the code off the existing display and look for a interchange on Or merely google the part#.