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Bobcat 225G with no output

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  • Bobcat 225G with no output

    I was given a Miller Bobcat 225G which had set for a while and was not running. After flushing the fuel tank and cleaning the carb, it runs great. The problem is that I get no A/C power to outlets or welding current. I found both F1 and F2 blown. I have replaced them, installed new brushes and cleaned up the brush rings. I still have no output. Looking for ideas.......

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    Welcome to the forum! Please post your serial number to allow looking up the diagrams.


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      There is not tag on the machine that shows model or serial number. That is another problem as I'm trying to figure what the actual model is.


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        Uh oh, given a expensive one at that...with no model and serial number tag? How well do you know the person that gave you this very generous gift?


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          Could be the SR2 rectifier or the D4 diode. Either one of these shorted will blow the fuses.C1 capacitor could be bad. Also make sure the band on the big corn cob resistor is making good contact. These are the most common problems on the 225G. Good luck.