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Paper Template Generator -- TubeNotcher Update

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  • Paper Template Generator -- TubeNotcher Update

    I'm the person who wrote the tubenotcher software at and as a few years ago. That software was based in Java, which hasn't kept up with the times.. There are a lot of security warnings and that kept folks away. I've been working on an update, which runs much better (JavaScript). I've also added a many new features. (Inches or MM, exhaust collector, a bit of square tubing or flat material mate up, elliptical tubes, etc...)

    Paper templates offers a low budget home builder a chance to make an awesome project, with high quality, at no cost for expensive tooling.

    One feature I've worked hard on is exhaust style collectors.. either used for decorative purposes, or for exhausts, or for tool stands. Is that something of interest to anybody?

    Here's a photo of me cutting a 20 degree angle in a three inch diameter tube using my portaband saw by hand. So yeah, it takes a few passes with a hand file to make it nirvana perfect. I'm not sure I could make that cut with an expensive horizontal bandsaw. The setup would be pretty hard. Here I made a template, traced the edge with felt tip pen, and lined it up by eye.

    I've also added a method for creating a Flat Plane, Aircraft Truss joint. See the last photo. Its easy to create a template for the 90 degree tube, but what about the two angled tubes? They have to match something at odd angles on both sides. My software will do all that math for you.

    Oh, and the whole thing is free. All you need is a computer, a printer, a pair of scissors and some scotch tape. The overview shows you how to use the tool, including printing out patterns that require more than a single 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper. The alignment marks are included.

    Software available here. Nothing to download. Runs in the browser.

    And hey, feedback is always appreciated.

    Thanks, LB
    Las Vegas NV
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    That would be awesome for Collector Formation. I just do the math manually because I can, but written into a programmable interface would be great for everyone.
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      I'll give it a look. Free? Nothing is free my friend.


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        Tried this out the other night and printed out some templates. Haven't had a chance to apply them to metal yet but this is a very nice tool assuming the scaling to my printer worked OK and they are the right size. Hope to try them next week.