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Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 and HF 251D-1

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  • Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 and HF 251D-1

    Hey All,

    I am new here. Trying to get into the TIG world after 35 yrs of mig. Anyway...

    Found a new unused (ad below) Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp and can't find a lot of good info on it. I also have a HF 251D-1 that is in excellent condition that an uncle gave me - no leads, no pedal - but it comes with a switch.

    What I am trying to determine is will these two work together with a foot pedal correctly or should I just keep looking for a complete tig. I want to weld 1/16" to 1/4" Aluminum. and maybe 1/16" to 3/16" Stainless. And of course up to 3/16 chromoly tube. But I would rather give up the thicker stuff to keep the thin. No production use. This is heavy duty home use though on occasion. Do I need pulse? And the ad did not mention CA but does say CC?

    Thanks for any help. I am the ultimate patient person so I can wait for something better. Need to top out on spending at $1500 but can wait if need to spend more. Don't want crap but can't throw money away either.

    "Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp, cc-ac/dc welder 230 volt. Stick welder (Tig power source). Brand New - Never Plugged In/Never Used. 15' work cable, 10' ground cable. New in package rod holder and ground clamp included. $500.00, Price Firm - Cash Only. "