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New Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp

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  • New Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp

    Hey All,

    I am new here. Trying to get into the TIG world after 35 yrs of mig. Anyway...

    Found a new unused (ad below) Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp and can't find a lot of good info on it. I also have a HF 251D-1 that is in excellent condition that an uncle gave me - no leads, no pedal - but it comes with a switch.

    What I am trying to determine is will these two work together with a foot pedal correctly or should I just keep looking for a complete tig. I want to weld 1/16" to 1/4" Aluminum. and maybe 1/16" to 3/16" Stainless. And of course up to 3/16 chromoly tube. But I would rather give up the thicker stuff to keep the thin. No production use. This is heavy duty home use though on occasion. Do I need pulse? And the ad did not mention CA but does say CC?

    Thanks for any help. I am the ultimate patient person so I can wait for something better. Need to top out on spending at $1500 but can wait if need to spend more. Don't want crap but can't throw money away either.

    "Miller Thunderbolt XL300/200 amp, cc-ac/dc welder 230 volt. Stick welder (Tig power source). Brand New - Never Plugged In/Never Used. 15' work cable, 10' ground cable. New in package rod holder and ground clamp included. $500.00, Price Firm - Cash Only. "


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    Welcome to the forum Doug.
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      If you are willing to wait get a machine more ideal, a Synch comes to mind. But,,, I am not really familiar with all the tig equipment and models but since this isn't something you already own it may be worth looking. There are quite a few and not rare, many come with lots of goodies but most need 100a power.


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        My first attempt at "better" tig gear was putting that same HF box on my thunderbolt. It worked, but was very limited. In fact, so limited that I've never used it for more than some practice beads on aluminum plate. I'm not familiar with the machine you're talking about, the thunder bolt XL, but if it does not have the remote amperage control capability, you're wasting your time, you will not be happy with it for aluminum and you don't really "need" it for steel or stainless when there are plenty of X-ray quality welds going down with the scratch start method.

        I wasn't the first to attempt using a 251 HF box on a thunderbolt, you weren't the second and certainly won't be the last. If you had to tig weld some aluminum together to save the imminent destruction of planet earth, you could do this. Otherwise, save your money and get something a little better.


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          I have a Thunderbolt XL. Great little stick machine. It does not have the capability for remote amperage control.


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            Aside from the serious limitations of using this machine for TIG that others have mentioned.... the asking price is DOUBLE what you will find if you research C/L and EBay

            Having run such a combination of Buzzbox & HF Box for TIG for an extended period some 40+ years ago...

            I am pretty confident you will come to HATE it in short order

            I believe if you are patient you can find a good used dedicated TIG machine within your $1500..Budget....
            AND be more satisfied in the long run...

            Where are you located....???
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