I bought my Dialarc new many years ago and it's always been kept inside in a relatively clean area. Other than being the size of a dinosaur it's serviced me just fine as a home Tig welder and more than adequate for the type of work I'm doing. Now that I'm retired I thought I'd get to use it more for all those projects that have been waiting for me. .
I've had problems the last few years at times with the erratic operation of the gas supply. The last couple of years the gas doesn't come on when I turn the machine on and I have to pump the remote tripping the relays a half dozen times to get the gas to come on. After that I can weld ok but then there is no post purge no matter where I set the post purge control, which is obviously ruining my electrodes.
I've removed the gas valve and confirmed that it is clear and working as it should when connected to the 120VAC. I have AC to the valve when it (a relay???) does make the connection. My flow meter is functioning as it should also. I've clean the contacts on C!, C2 & C3 with a strip of fine aluminum oxide shop strip, the contacts are closing when I push down on the remote but that makes no difference. Although do also restore antique radios the Miller schematic on this machine is not very easy to follow.
Any suggestions as to what may be going on or what direction I should be taking, that is,,,,,besides taking it in to a dealer for service??
Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL