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Multimatic 200 amperage question

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  • Multimatic 200 amperage question

    I recently purchased a Multimatic 200. I'm curious to know if I can connect this welder to a nema 6-50R connection that is rated at 50 amps safely. I've read different things online and in the manual. The manual states "Recommended Standard fuse rating in amperes at 25 amps" on page 5-9. But I've also read on the online multimatic 200 pdf "Multi-voltage plug (MVPTM) allows you to connect to common 120 or 230 V power receptacles without the use of any tools — choose the plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord. " "
    -Power cord and MVP plugs 5-15P (115 V, 15 A) and 6-50P (230 V, 50 A)
    ​I would like to safely hook it up to a 50 amp receptacle because in the future there is a possibility that I may upgrade to a larger machine that would require more amperage.
    Any info would be appreciated.