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MM 211 shielding gas

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    H8o....Jody is good stuff! I need to order a tig finger and Lagesse square from him.

    Old jupiter.....if I veer off on the subject of coochers, I'm sure to get banned. Besides, when myself and coochers get tangled happen. I have one trying to scale me like a chimpanzee right now.


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      Oh to be scaled like a chimpanzee...that's sounds bad...and not cheap, like our wonderful assistance in proper butchery of the English language.


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        I traded in the CO2 bottle today for a 138 bottle of C25. Took it home and make a couple practice runs with it. Never used it before. Always used CO2. I got used to it pretty quick. MUCH more forgiving than straight CO2. The arc sounds hotter but it doesn't weld as hot as it sounds. Arc MUCH more stable at lower voltages and on thin metals. I was laying down a stack of dimes on this really thin square tube I got from work that holds the crates together. The thickness of the material is .068". I went ahead and built a new 3 point receiver hitch for my tractor, which makes moving the big trailer MUCH easier. I don't have to get the tip right up on the metal like with CO2. I could let the ESO get longer, or go really short and while it made a difference, it was not nearly as sensitive as CO2.

        Also tried running some beads with .035" ER70S-6 on some 1/4" thickness stuff, and it worked well. Penetration appears to be almost identical to CO2, but a lot less spatter, lot less mess, much nicer looking bead, and C25 is so much more forgiving that I could run the voltage way up and just run the bead really fast; which saves time in a production environment.

        Next project, get back under the Mustang and work the subframe connectors over. I did not feel confident enough with CO2 to continue on without finding the cause of the problems, and appears that I've fixed it with the shield gas change.

        Shoulda got C25 in the first place. Price? 25lb of CO2 was $33. 138 cu ft of C25 (same size bottle) is $46.


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          Good show.