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Flux-core vs C25 for my garden fence

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  • Flux-core vs C25 for my garden fence

    Hello everyone,

    My current project is a fence around my wife's garden to try to keep the critters out. 2" square tubing posts, 1" stringers, and 3/4" pickets (galvanized, unfortunately). I've been welding with INE-brand .035 flux-core through my 211, which is sitting on a little wagon for portability. Well, yesterday I done run out of wire. Wanting to finish the panel I was on, I pulled the 210 out of the garage and finished up with it. It's also using INE brand, but ER70S solid with C25 gas.

    I couldn't believe the difference! The 210 welds were so much cleaner, and required very little prep before painting compare to my flux-core welds. So that has got me thinking that I should ditch the flux-core wire in my 211 and set it up for gas. I realize this topic probably gets beat to death, but I'm hoping some of you experienced welders will chime in for my situation and hit some pros and cons of going to gas. I'm a week-end warrior novice welder on 10 acres and I'm always dragging that 211 here and there on my property.


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    Yes, C25 and solid wire will be a lot cleaner than flux core. Generally, though, flux core is a good choice for outside steel fence work because there is no issue of wind blowing the shielding gas away. If there's no wind, no problem.
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      Synchroman is right on that. In addition, if you're running that 211 on 115v power, the FC wire will help give you better penetration.

      Be careful welding that galvanized, end up with the metal fume fever. Drink a tall glass of milk before starting. It works. Not sure why it works, but it does.


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        Did you make the the 211 electrode neg ?Most fluxcorded wire is e n


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          Excellent point. No telling how many people give up on FC wire because it runs like complete poop without swapping the leads.


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            if you are welding galvanized make sure you have on a good respirator. Those fumes are toxic!


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              Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
              Excellent point. No telling how many people give up on FC wire because it runs like complete poop without swapping the leads.

              I don't know what you're talking about?? Welds just fine to me on DCEP?

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                Ha! Looks like Stevie Wonder welded that...