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  • Torch rebuild/ kit installed

    Merry Christmas you all, will be trapped in the house most of the day with Kids and Grandkids, to much talk, to much food that I think stinks (Probably wrong) but going to sneak out and stay out until the Boss Lady says I have to come in, on project that has been on my mind it rebuilding cut Victor cutting torch, got the 315 handle on it, been using it for almost 50 years, guessing I can get the kit from Victor, was looking on the tube last night and was not able to find any one rebuilding on for a show and tell, just might take it apart today to see how bad some parts are worn, have a great day.

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    I had an old Harris torch that was messing up...the handle would get so hot that I couldn't hold it with welding gloves on...not good. Didn't have time to work on it, so I dropped it off at my LWS to have it rebuilt. They called me a couple days later and told me it was so old they could no longer get a rebuild kit for it. Hopefully you don't have that problem with your victor.
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      Try here for rebuild kits & parts. They also will rebuild it for you. I have bought from then & would use them again. Torches are usually very simple. Some manufactures do not allow kits to be sold to the public so having an authorized repair place is the only option. Victor parts are available to the public though.

      Parts page here.

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        I buy torch and regulator rebuild kits usually on ebay and just do them myself. You can get a new victor torch off ebay cheaper than to have a torch sent off for rebuild.
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          Thanks fellows for the response, I had rebuilt it many year ago and was thinking about it again, going to look up those links, thanks again, hope all had a Merry Christmas and survived the company, I am being bad ?