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ONE Multi Process & ONE Plasma cutter, CAN Miller Afford to part with them?

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  • ONE Multi Process & ONE Plasma cutter, CAN Miller Afford to part with them?

    I have sent this request to Miller sever times at different times over the last year, "Our Budget is Spent", "We only donate to Schools", "Contact your Local Rep", and "Too late for consideration this year.

    Look it all over, If you think Miller can affort to make this happen, send them a note linked to this for us please!

    Dear Sir or Madam, I hope you can find the time to read, and answer this request. I am still looking for support, we are getting some, but not near enough to complete this project.
    We need a capable Multi-Process unit and mid range Plasma cutter to fabricate in every aspect of our build.
    I hope that this is something I hope your company can get involved with!
    *Demo equipment, Discontinued, shop supplies, safety equipment, storage, consumables, lubricant or coatings, you name it, we can use it!
    All support is welcome!
    My Background;
    I am a 22 year Veteran Correctional Officer at a Federal Maximum Security Prison, AND, I HAVE P.T.S.D.!
    It took me 16 years to be able to say that! This “Shut Me Down” on July 26 2012 @ 1225hrs, when I jumped in the middle of 3 inmates with homemade knives that were stabbing another inmate to death, (He spent 2 weeks in Intensive Care and survived). I was not armed with anything other than my “Stab Resistant” vest. I did get an official “Thank You, you probably saved his life”, from the Warden. Saving “His life”, took mine. I have dealt with at least a hundred or more “Horrific Incidents”, from murders, hangings, hostage takings, stabbings, self-mutilators, assaults, (inmate and staff), riots, etc. many years on the Emergency Response Team, had all built up to the point my brain shut down on me.
    As of today, I am officially “Disabled”, but after a full year fight, I am back to work with a laundry list of limitations, only time will tell, I am getting better with tons of support, the support lots of us don’t have or get.

    My life will probably never again be “normal”, but I have accepted that and have begun to do everything I can to give back to Correctional Officers & First Responders to help them get help, and most important, seek help! Due to the “Tough Guy” attitude that is entrenched within out sub-culture of not showing weakness, it is extremely hard to get an officer to ask for help. Most try to bottle it up, self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, while some have their whole lives crash down around them, others turn to suicide to end the pain.
    I have developed a FaceBook Page, and in less than 1 year, I have over 2500 members, and have reached over 75,000 people in 1 month at the highest and average 8,000 to 10,000 per month!
    I am NOT a computer/internet wizard! I am in the process of getting a web-site designer, while getting the Non-Profit Organization registered and finalized by a Lawyer and setting up accounting framework with an accountant.

    I have spent my entire adult life helping and protecting people, and now I am the one who needs some help.

    We want it to Kick Off with a Tour, I am building a “Show Quality” truck from the shell of a 1990 Toyota 4x4 ex-cab Pick-up, to Promote Nationally, the importance of PTSD Awareness in Corrections, Military, and Emergency services! Through events shows conferences and parades! Please see attachments for more details of the project,(if possible).

    IF you are the wrong person or department, please forward ALL of this message to the Department or Person in your company that CAN assist me.

    PLEASE, Please, Do not send me an e-mail address or link to sponsorship request, I completed over 50 of those 10 page Sponsorship Requests and only heard back from 1 person /company.

    Peter & Brent Fitzpatrick (Karen, Kaitlyn, Ainsley and Jack) & our Beagle OTIS!
    25 Golden Hawk Drive
    Miramichi, New Brunswick

    PLEASE, if you have any Questions or require anything (Photos, Details, etc, e-mail me and I will reply as soon as I can!)
    Merchandise and Safety Equipment;
    (T-SHIRTS – Brent & Jack-small, Ainsley & Kaitlyn-med, Karen-l/xl and Me-xl to xxxL, Bigger the better, same for gloves,(I have monster mitts)!
    STOP BY AND CHECK OUT AND LIKE OUR PAGE! We will return the favor, it will put you in the rotation for featured liked sites and if one of your posts catches my eye, I will share on our timeline!
    Correctional Officers & First Responders - You are Not Alone, Miramichi. 3,883 likes. Page for Correctional Officers and Emergency Services. Taking care of your mind and body. Updated Often, lots of...

    Don't Follow ME! I'm Lost Too!

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    Honestly, I would say you should ask your local LWS too.
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      It's not that they cannot "afford". It has nothing to do with that. In fact they wouldn't be in existence if they didn't make money, after all, they are a business. The issue is that if they just give stuff away beyond their pre-set boundaries, it "opens the door" for more and more and more and more "hey! me too! please help me by donating [insert machine name] at no cost!" inquires. Where does it stop? This is why policies and regulations are set in-place, not just at Miller, but in practically any organization, whether it is for-profit or non-profit.

      That said, you should not give up your request but at the same time you should accept & follow proper procedure and protocol. If your request does not fall within the boundaries of THEIR procedure and protocol, who are we to say that because they made $XXX billions of dollars last year, they should STILL provide me/you/whoever with free machines regardless of procedure and protocol? Answer: we are no one.
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          You try an online crowdsource type site or social media?