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1981 AEAD 200LE as auxillary power and range switch question

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  • 1981 AEAD 200LE as auxillary power and range switch question

    I recently acquired an AEAD 200LE, serial #- JB520789. I want to add a 240 volt receptacle for auxiliary power following the directions “for 120/240 volts ac auxiliary power” found on page 13 of the Miller manual OM-411. If I follow these directions, will the 60 cycle receptacles on the front of the machine still produce power?

    Also, page 17, section 5-1 states: “Do not change the position of the Range switch while welding or under load.” Can I change the position while the machine is at idle?


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    Welcome, Sawlog! Easy answer first-yes you can turn the switch selection while it's idling. They just don't want you to move the switch while there is current flowing through it because it will burn the contacts and eventually ruin the switch. I suppose it might also generate voltage spikes that could damage other things. Your second question is just a bit harder. Looking at the manual, I assume you are bringing your own 240 v receptacle to hook up ? I don't see one on the machine diagram anywhere.

    Continue reading down to the bottom of p. 13. There is a section "for 120/240 volts AC auxiliary power". I think that's the section you need to follow to have both.

    Not sure of your level of electrical knowledge; following is offered in case it happens to be limited : Be sure to read the "IMPORTANT" note at the bottom of page 12 so you don't overload the generator. You can use 5kva by drawing about 20 amps at 240v or 40 amps at 120v but not at the same time. You could share the power, though, drawing some at each voltage so long as you don't exceed the 5kva total capacity. (kva = volts x amps )
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      Thanks very much!


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        You're welcome! Looking back over your original post and my response I am reminded that a guy my age shouldn't be answering questions at quarter to 1 in the morning! :-). You had already seen the section I referred you to. Fortunately the answer still came out right but you must have thought it was a little odd-I certainly did when re-reading it. Hope you get it working the way you want!


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          I didn't think anything was odd about the answer. I thought you were just being absolutely clear. I hope I get it set up like I (think I) want it, too. I bought the machine for $300 to replace my little 4400 watt backup generator. I actually had a little trailer I could put it in, Now I am tempted to take a 30 hour SMAW/MIG or SMAW/TIG course at the local community college, so I could do more than generate power. I taught my self how to "daub" years ago.

          Anyway, thanks again,