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Is this a reasonable set-up to spoolgun aluminum?

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  • Is this a reasonable set-up to spoolgun aluminum?

    Miller and everybody else tells us it's best to do wirefeed welding on CV machines. But it seems that if all you have is a CC machine, Dual-Shield and aluminum MIG spray-arc are two processes that can work reasonably well with CC. The latter is what I'm interested in at the moment.

    I have an almost-new Traffimet medium capacity spoolgun and control box. It came set up to plug into a Miller machine, which in my case is a Millermatic 175 CV MIG welder. The problem with this is that the poor little 175 doesn't have the horsepower for most aluminum work. I also have a Lincoln Idealarc 250A TIG/stick CC welder, and can hook it up to an LN-25 suitcase feeder . . . which has the switch inside that lets you use it with a CC power supply. Doesn't give you a true CV output, but evidently it can be a livable compromise.

    If I come up with the right hardware to plug my now-Miller-adapted spoolgun to plug into the LN-25 with the Idealarc, does that sound like I might end up able to do some more aluminum work than I can with the little Millermatic?? Anybody done this?