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Me and Grandson doing a project:

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  • Me and Grandson doing a project:

    welded a handle and in stalled castors on this heavy duty two draw file cabinet, what ever I decide to store in it or on it will be easy to move, he is 10 and scared to try to well even with long pants, when I was 10 I was trying to well the dog to the cat, well maybe not that, Joe

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    Get 'em started young Joe! He'll give it a try sooner or later.


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      Nice picture! Just keep trying-I've been trying to teach a neighbor kid to weld. He went from too scared to try it to "Ow, that burns" with the smallest spark to, "Yeah, you can feel it sometimes but it's no big deal" in a few weeks. He can now lay a pretty nice bead with 7018. He has picked up on the absolute fascination of watching and controlling that liquid puddle. There is something that is just captivating about welding! I think I was about 10 when I started brazing and then gas welding. Once dad thought I had that down I was allowed to move on to stick.


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        So, in that picture, which one is you?


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          Ok, Ryan I will do my best but I am not good at trick or multi choice, assuming I only get one try I am going to guess me, "Joe" would be the one on the right, think that would make me older than my grandson, hope I don't have to wait long for the answer ?


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            The correct answer is, the old and ugly one...obviously. Geez man!! Cmon!! That was so easy!