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    Originally posted by Meltedmetal View Post
    If you have or can borrow an O/A torch you can do this.
    I don't know if your TIG is up to this or not.---Meltedmetal
    I have an OA rig with a rosebud. Gonna take a big fire to keep it up to temp for the Casenite. The TIG idea was to just lay down some hard stuff on the edge of the die to prevent metal to metal wear.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!
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      Most hardfacing and wearfacing isn't meant to bond pieces together. Not saying it won't work, but if you're going to do it, find one that's for metal on metal wear and the surface will work harden properly. Maybe this is over-engineering things, but that seems to be a habit of those of us that build things.


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        No bonding Ryan. Just wanted some hardness on the punch. We over engineer because we can.....yes sir.


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          Perfect. In that case, look for a hard facing allot for metal-to-metal abrasion wear, not impact loading. There are tons of them out there. Some of them really expensive, none of them cheap.


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            I am just wondering how many years of use and press cycles it would take before there was enough practical wear/deformation that would degrade bend quality..??

            any ideas..??

            is this really worth your effort..??

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              Good point. All I had at the time was 3/8" X 6" flat bar and I ground the bevel with a side grinder. I do quite a lot of bending and once a year or two I will straighten the blade with the grinder. Round stock is hard on it when you start bending 3/4". I am not making parts for the space shuttle so it works great for me. Once you figure out what lower dies to use for different thickness steel you can do a nice job. On the little press I am getting at the max about 17 ton and I can bend 24" of 1/8" plate to a 90 using different lower dies to get there.


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                Remember the old tootsie pop commercials? Probably something like that, just don't lick it.


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                  Ryan...thanks for the ideas.

                  Digr...thanks for your personal experience with your press.

         raise a valid point. I think a little over thinking was going on in the shop. Its $10 in material. If it gets wore out or notched up, I replace it.

                  Food for good convo though and I got to see Digr's real shop presses.