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Best way to weld round stock to flat ?

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  • Best way to weld round stock to flat ?

    I need some advice on welding a solid round stock to a flat piece of tubing. Whether it be , making tabs , drilling through , sliding the bar through and welding ? Just running welds against the two etc. I'm needing to fix a broken piece of gym equipment again. In the pictures, The square tubing needs to sit on top of the solid round stock . Was just welded poorly and I'd like to re do it extra beefed up. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but your photos don't seem to match what you seem to be asking. The only piece of solid round stock I see is in the first photo, welded end-on to a piece of square tube. Looks like it wasn't welded all around, which I would do if it has to hold up one end of a barbell. I suppose you could drill a hole in the top part of the square tube, to take a longer piece of R.S. which you would still weld all around. But I wouldn't think it necessary. Properly welded by most any ordinary process to the outside of the square tube, you'd have to beat holy heck out of that piece of R.S. with a BFH before it would ever break, ripping out a big chunk of the square tube.

    I can't quite see what you're doing with the plate for the shaft (first photo) so can't comment on that.
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      I say don't over think it. Just put it back the way it was except weld it properly. What kind of force will the welds be faced with?


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        I didn't really explain that well, sorry. So the 2nd picture ....the bottom shorter piece of square tubing was welded to the top of the solid round stock ( you can see a black line where it was kinda welded to) The rest of picture 2 goes up and has two handles which you push on ( kinda like a bench press) . You can put 240 lbs max on it . This thing should have broke long ago from the original welder way back when . I have the time to try and improve it if it's not way to complicated . For my friends liability purposes, I wanna do it the best I can .


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          Looks like you're gonna have to unbolt those two pillow mounts to get in there properly. Why don't you get the piece mocked up how it needs to be welded and take a picture for us?


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            I took 3 more pics this morning . Don't mind the ugly old black welds around the round stock, those were there when she bought the gym .


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              That little ole tac weld was all that was holding the push doofloppy to the round stock? No wonder it broke.

              I say grind those black ugly welds out while you're at it too...

              Clean off that paint, unbolt those pillow mounts and just weld that sapsucker properly. It's not a piano. Don't over engineer this one.


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                Ok I can do that . I was looking for a cool way that I could re design it and be proud of it. But I can throw the weld to it and fill it all the way along . The square tubing is kinda thin, but I guess it's lasted long enough so a better weld will last longer . Thanks everyone .