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    Anyone has pics of mail box post or what every they put up, just looking for now was planning to use some 5 1/2" oil field casing for the up right, using some large wrenches one on an angle for the paper, the other angle up the back to put the numbers on, planting 3' in the ground they making the hinge held fast with on bolt for wide loads it can be tiled back, if I can draw something that is worth might post it, soon as I finish the Smithy mill, drill, lathe that I started to restore today, more that I want once I started the teardown, got the cabined built will post that later, Joe

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    Mine is a cedar fence post aprox 8" dia. The hole was dug with a post hole auger. Aprox 4 feet deep.
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      sound like you don't want someone to knock it over, mine has been bashed several time, this time they must have used a sharp object sliced a big gash in the side, but don't feel to bad they 30 or so in the neighbor hood, hope I never see then in the act, read between those lines ?