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Welding sq tube to bandsaw frame?

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  • Welding sq tube to bandsaw frame?

    Hi all,

    I am modifying my Jet 18" woodcutting bandsaw for better support for the upper bearing guide bar. The stock saw has a pretty substantial sheet metal brace, but they never extended it all the way to the guide bar mount on the upper wheel housing so it doesn't do the greatest of jobs. I have hacked off the stock brace and am going to replace it with some 3x4x3/16 tubing. .

    The backbone of the saw is about 12ga steel and large in cross section.

    So my question is should I weld the 3/16 square tubing directly to the 12 ga backbone OR first weld the sq tubing to a (say) 3/16 mounting plate maybe 6" tall THEN weld that to the frame? Which if either would be stronger?

    Here's the situation. The tubing is not cut to length or formed at the end just yet, but the backbone side is correct.

    Click image for larger version

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    No weldors on this site then? Just people asking questions about buying machines?


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      There are many professional and non-professional welders on this site. Why would you doubt that?

      As to the machine in question, I tend not to weld things onto machines or even drill holes for mounting. I always use existing holes or clamping brackets when adding things such as this, especially it I'm not certain that it will work or whether I will leave the item on the machine. Drilling holes in machines is, for me at least, not something I would ever do.

      If you decide to weld, I would weld your square tubing to a backup plate and tack or stitch weld the part in place, in case you ever decide to change the design or remove it.
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        Nope, no weldors here. Not a one.

        I doubt I'd weld that brace in. Maybe weld up some mounting plates, but I'd probably bolt the thing in. But, what is the reason for the additional bracing? Has this machine failed?