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Passport Over Temperature Light/Board Malfunction

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  • Passport Over Temperature Light/Board Malfunction

    Brand new here. I bought a used Passport at an auction and let it sit for about a year before digging into it. It has the internal regulator missing (I have one on order), and does a funny thing when turning on. If the gas source switch is turned toward internal gas when it powers on, the over temp light will flash orange and never turn blue. When I pull the trigger, nothing will happen, regardless of how I flip the switch once on.

    I thought I had a bad board, but I happened to power it on with the switch flipped to external gas, and the over temp light flashed for about 2 seconds orange and then turned solid blue, and the trigger activates the drive roll perfectly. It continues to function whether the switch is flipped toward internal or external.

    Performance solely depends on the position at start up, and the phenomenon is very repeatable.

    Is this some protective measure built into the machine that senses that no internal gas bottle is present or does my board have some idiosyncrasy that I may just get away with for the time being. Any insight will be very much appreciated!

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