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wc-24 run in speed pot?

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  • wc-24 run in speed pot?

    Called Miller tech support and they say it does not have an adjustable run in control but on their web site and print brochure it states (the control includes a board mounted potentiometer which can alter the drive motor acceleration rate to optimize arc starting performance) I am confused ? Their seems to be two pots on the board but not sure what they do and Miller is not exactly helpful.

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    The WC-24 doesn't have a run-in control what it has is an adjustable ramp speed. The difference between these is that a run-in typically provides a % of the set wire speed until an arc is started where as the ramp speed is just how fast the wire goes from zero to the wire speed setting you have set.

    There is 1 square pot on the board with a plastic phillips head screw in the center of it, this is the ramp pot. This pot only turns roughly 3/4 of a turn total and from the factory should be adjusted in the middle roughly. To have the wire accelerate faster you would turn this CCW and to slow it down you would turn it CW.


    Kevin Schuh
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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      Thanks Kevin, that kind of clears it up, I am wondering why Adrian at tech support told me there was no adjustments? I did turn that pot clockwise and didn't notice any drastically apparent difference but I will play with it some more.
      Thanks Jim