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welding leads for trailblazer 325

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  • welding leads for trailblazer 325

    I was running 1-0 welding leads each 100' long on my machine.. Untill me and my previous business partner split ties. Needing new leads for my machine and wanting to know what people are using.. My setup is a rig welder and I mostly do structural steel. Do I need 2-0 or is 1-0 plenty big enough.
    Plan on doing carbon-arc gouging, stick welding....

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    I would say a 1 OT, for Air Arcing, remember to put a lighter duty whip on the end for easy manipulation when arc welding, so when you air arc, you can undo the whip, plug the air arc into the 1OT cable.

    If all you were ever going to do is arc weld with 1/8" rod then I would say a #1 cable would be fine.

    I hope your running a suitcase feeder off this machine RC style, for that you will want the bigger cable as well.

    I'm glad to hear you lost your business partner, there are very few people that can make a partnership work, your better off without one, your farther ahead with an employee.


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      2/0 is required. Anything above approx 250 amps will warm the cables up excessively. Worse yet if on reels.



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        I would go with 2/0, you never know when you might need to string longer sections of lead together for a job. As a rig welder you never know what the next job will be.

        If you ever get bigger machine than you have the leads for it. Better to have more lead than not enough. I have hundreds of feet of 1/0 I rarely use anymore just for those reasons.


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          I have to agree with you guys, I did a check to see what cable is actually recommended and a 2/O is the best choice, especially if your going to be air arcing.

          On the other hand I have been running 1/O off my current rig since 1999 running a Pipe Pro 304, since I have the easy access to the internet and all the information is easy to find I will put 2/O on the new rig.


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            I have a bobcat with number 2 lead I don't really give my leads a break I pop new rod in as soon as I burned the other the only break it ges is when I run the grinder and wire wheel through it I carry 4 whips with me and change them out through out the day because they get hot and will melt down.the only time I don't have a meltdown id when I use my heavyduty lead made from the same size welding lead.i ue my small whips with good results on pipe only because I give it a cool down period in between welding.. but other than that I just don't like to be sitting around waiting for whip to cool.


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              So, did 1/0 work before?