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  • Lousy new website

    Call it like I see it.

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    What do you see that makes it lousy?
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      Originally posted by pat h View Post
      Call it like I see it.
      New install is a work in progress

      If we give them constructive suggestions

      and point out the bugs and problems it will get sorted out..

      this is an opportunity for us to help shape it's form and function

      Meanwhile we will be seeing some rough edges

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        So what is lousy about it?

        I can now post pics directly into the threads for others to view. To me it's an improvement. Colors are different, some like that some don't. I don't see any major issues as you can still get info & post info.

        One thing I haven't found is a way to jump between the sub forums as easily as before.
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          I didn't use the old one much, but when I did, it seemed a bit less cumbersome...might be my faulty memory though.

          I used the app primarily. It was far easier to use than the old website and light years easier to use than this one. Sometimes the app didn't cooperate, but that was fairly rare.

          I think I've been pretty constructive with my input. Hope it helps.


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            If you think this one is lousy, go to the new improved AWS website.



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              It looks all right to me. A little change was due. On the good side, Miller has not increased the cost of the website to the user.
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                My complaint is that it takes a day or so for what I post to make it on the screen, Is this happening to everyone or just me.


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                  I'd be ok with them doubling cost to use this website.


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                    Originally posted by pat h View Post
                    Call it like I see it.
                    So compared to the Lincoln Electric Forum how does it look...Bob
                    Bob Wright