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local diesel fuel and gas prices

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  • local diesel fuel and gas prices

    Hy Guys;
    I am sorry for getting off the welding subject,but I just had to vent to someone.I just came hime from fueling my diesel pickup and I could not believe the prices at the local Meijer station.$2.27 for diesel and $2.22 for the cheapest gasoline.This is really getting insane around here.The thing that burns me up the most,is the fact that the local stations are paying 33 cents per gallon less for diesel than gas.The wholesale price of diesel has been considerably lower than gas locally,for several months now.What ever happened to the storys that I used to hear about diesel being a cheap by-product of gasoline manufacture?? I was told by an oil co. exec. that as long as the weather stays so cold here,as we have had an exceptionaly cold winter,diesel will stay up,because the local companys are making a fortune on home heating oil.He says that if they drop the price of diesel,then they will have to drop the price of home heating oil and that is not going to happen until the weather warms up and the demand for home heating oil falls off.I remember that when Michigans new govener was elected,she promised that things like this would never happen in her state,boy was she ever blowing smoke............What are prices like in your area.Is Michigan the only state allowing this scam??? If I were a trucker trying to make a living off trucking,I would be outraged.Large trucking companys may survive,But the little guys may not.......How about you guys that are traveling all over doing welding jobs?? How bad are the fuel prices hurting you??


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    I feal the pain too. Diesel In Town is $2.39 Gas is just as bad. If I drive down the mountain it is still $2.29 What gives? Need to take a loan everytime I fill up. Time to raise my prices I guess.
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      The prices for gas and fuel are just getting out of hand. I guess we are not doing too bad here in South Jersey - cheapest gas 1.85 and I just noticed diesel was 2.19. But 3 weeks ago gas was down to 1.68 and diesel under $2. I just dont get how diesel is so much more than gas. I have been looking for a 1 ton diesel to replace my 3/4 ton gas truck, but these prices make you wonder if its the right move. Wasnt diesel always way cheaper than gas? Yet even in summer it has been higher. We are getting fleeced by somebody


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        I just paid 2.57 for diesel in parma idaho OUCH!
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          Here in my part of the world nortwest PA gas is $2.10 for unleaded and diesel is $2.39.Time to up the mileage rate.


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            Gas was $2.25 last week in central Kali.


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              deisel is cheaper and less refined, but they not are making as much of it, or as much of it as needed, so the supply and demand thing kicks in.

              WTF, seems like a nice coinsidence.

              Now with the 2007 Emissions that the peoples repuplic if kali has successfully imposed on the rest of the nation (totally out of their jurisdiction, this is total violation), deisel technology in cars will be at total premium, and they will not invest or pursue it.

              GM, Delphi, Visteon, their all in serious trouble, and nobody to bail'm out. There given cars away as it is.
              and now extra costs for this emissions technology,

              I love the weather in Kali, but the laws.....

              Disgust me.

              I'm surpised ethanol, and more hybrids aren't becoming a huger priority.


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                Not sure about this one, but I know a petroleum industry lobbyist (weird folks lobbyists -- too much like politicians) who says that it's not really that much of a supply problem, but rather a refining problem. Apparently during WWII the government encourged the building of refineries and many independent refiners got started in the business. As a result we reaped the benfits form that refining capacity for the next 40 odd years.

                Then the environmental movement got in the way of building new refineries, forced the independents out of the market through environmental legislation, and when the major oil companies started consolidating in the 1990's they actually shut down refineries. According to this lobbyist, there hasn't been a major refinery built within the last 30 years. So there is plenty of crude, but not enough refining capacity to turn it into the appropriate fuel.

                Plus, I have heard that certain sections of the country have specialized fuel formulas that must be custom mixed (i.e., the communist republic of California) which further taxes refining capacity.

                In any case, the stocks of Exxon, Shell and and the rest are going through the roof -- this "shortage" is good for the oil companies --

                God help us all when politicians, oil execs, and lobbyists get together!!


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                  Gas/diesel prices are in my opinion, relatively speaking, about the same as they were in 1968.
                  If you're old enought to remember then do the math, if not, do the research or ask your Mom & Dad.
                  My example is this:
                  top Pipeline welder scale in 1968 was $4.80/hr. on the man and $1.50/hr on the rig = $6.30/hr plus benefits, gas was around $0.30/gal.
                  top Pipeline welder scale in 2005 is about $38/hr on the man and $13/hr on the rig = $51/hr plus benefits, gas is around $2.00/gal.
                  Pretty close.
                  Of course you can use any criteria you want, the price of bread, milk or eggs.

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                    No new refineries in 27 years as per the Sec Of Interior, this was stated with the promotion of new exploration.. She wants to open up a section in Alaska, 2000 acres with a expected production of 1mil barrels per day or equivalent to the daily import from Saudia Arabia
                    Yes the bottle neck is in the refinary area but also in the barrel price.
                    Diesel is expected to fall as was stated earlier with tempature increase but I don't see that much as the barrel price keeps rising
                    Next year I will be purchasing my fuel on a futures allotment I wish.. LOL...


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                      That's absolutely true what you say, gas is cheap -- adjusted for inflation, even at today's prices, we're still getting a good value. BUT if you look at the price fluctutions, it doesn't make sense. Four years ago there was an "oil glut" with the price for a barrel of crude running around $12.00 a barrel. The Saudi economy was in severe trouble and I bough gasoline at a local Sheets gas station for $.87/gal.

                      It just doesn't make sense that the world economy has grown at such a rapid rate in four years (even with the Chinese and Indian economic growth factor) to justify those wild price fluctuations. There have to be some other influences coming from somewhere.

                      Sorry for the ramblings!



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                        When I left town this morning diesel was $ 2.04 when I got back 11 hours later it is $ 2.14
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                          Diesel is $2.70 a gal. in Salem OR. which is way to much for a Bi-product of making other fuels and solvents! The rummer is it could be at $3.50 by the end of the summer. My father in law owns a gas station and said we sold our reserves to Canada.


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                            Im near NYC and the ship ports are located there. I could never figure why the farther from the port you are, the cheaper the gas gets. Go figure!
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                              we are being ripped of there is no reason for it. i guess this is one of the draw backs for having a president who is involved with oil. the rich get richer the poor get poorer and everyone else just gets the shaft....time for a revolution
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