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9" rearend in 92 mustang

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  • 9" rearend in 92 mustang

    I have a 9" rearend sitting in my garage and I was wanting to put it in my mustang. What is the best was to get the brackets in the right location and the correct width on the axle tubes? I would appreciate any info on this. Thanks guys.

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    This is a pretty extreme lesson in driveline geometry, you will have to do a full cut down on the housing to get the tubes the right length and if it was me I would replace the entire tube sections. Next is getting the eyelets for the uppermounts to be welded on the 9" housing, these will have to be made. The lower mounts will have to canibalized from another axel or built. All of these pieces must be built in a jig or the car will launch crooked or drive sideways, so to speak. I know Racer Walsh has premade housings and you may look at theirs and see enough to build the proper jigs from the good axle that is in your car. Also don't forget the pinion angle must be maintained or you will get a whole different set of problems.

    Good luck, be safe


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      There's a company that advertises on ebay that sells bare 9" ford housings with all the right brackets to bolt in to a 79 up mustang. They charge $295.00 which is probably a steal when you consider what you'll need to go thru to do it yourself.

      For what its worth, here's a link to it if you are interested. I'm not sure if you'll be able to click on it or if you'll need to copy and paste it, but it should take you there.