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Stick vs. Mig vs. Tig strength

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  • Stick vs. Mig vs. Tig strength

    I have see a few places that Mig welds are the weakest of the three. Assuming the welder knows what he is doing, I find this hard to believe. True or not?

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    You may have heard or read that because MIG is the least accurate of the 3 so even experienced welders have a greater chance "missing the mark" . It's hard to see around a mig gun , with tig and stick you are looking directly at what you're doing. As for weaker a 7018 welding rod is 70,000 psi tensile strength which I think is the same as most mig wire. Maybe someone else can elaborate on this.


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      Kind of depends on the operator. If you pull the mig gun, you sill have a tough time seeing the joint. Pushing the gun into the joint always gives you a better view of where you are going. Each process has its place. On a given material like 1/4 and under, all three will be totally fine. Throw a little outside contamination in the mix and stick is the way to go. Need precision fine welding then go TIG. Production loves mig. Each has it's own place in life