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Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC ?

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  • Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC ?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC. The unit is about 10 yrs. of age. Were the older Dialarcs a good quality welder? Were they an easy welder for an amateur to weld with? This one hasn't been used very much at all. Is there anything that one should keep an eye out for? Any advice from users/owners of this welder would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard!

    The old dialarcs were good machines in their day. They are a sinusoidal type output not a square wave. The arc will be fluttery some on AC aluminum and therefore require a good hand and be tougher to learn. On DC steel, it's fine. Are you sure it's only 10 yrs old?? What's the ser#? I can tell you from that.



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      I have a Dialarc that is probably 30 yrs old and all I have done to it is blow it out occasionally. oh yeah, I learned to weld on it too.


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        I hate to disaggree with Andy but in my opinion these are good solid welders that are pretty much bullit proof. I haven't used the new tech welders but if you get a good deal on a Dialarc you have a find. They weld smooth and have plenty of amperage and duty cycle for industrial use.
        I happen to have one so my opinion is slanted. The only thing I can think of that would hurt one is a lot of carbon Arc use or dropping in a pond.
        I had to blow mine out because it had a lot of dust in it from factory use. tim