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Passport vs Maxstar 150

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    I think this shows, once again, that what you need, depends on what you need to do.
    Regards, George

    Hobart Handler 210 w/DP3035 - Great 240V small Mig
    Hobart Handler 140 - Great 120V Mig
    Hobart Handler EZ125 - IMO the best 120V Flux Core only machine

    Miller Dynasty 200DX with cooler of my design, works for me
    Miller Spectrum 375 - Nice Cutter


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      Thanks, Andy. And the new little brother is due--when?


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        Oh yeah, throw that one in ANDY, that the passport might have a brother that is multi-process. After I've made up my mind and bought my welder out will come this one and I'll be kicking myself for not waiting .

        Thanks for all the opinions, as I would like to get both , just for a hobby right now that really wouldn't be prudent. If I really need to burn, I can just use the big dogs at work( Sync 250, MM210), especially since I run the shop


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          Don't kick yourself yet...It could be a long way off. Just speculation.



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            Originally posted by ASKANDY
            Don't kick yourself yet...It could be a long way off. Just speculation.

            Also the more you use the Passport the more you will like it. It's usually the other way around for me!!!

            here is the poor man version of the little bottle fill. No fancy aftermarket pin pusher. It fills just the same for me.I will just have to manual the purge if necessary. My freezer is close enough to get the bottles cold, so I won't have to waste gas.

            I broke down and bought a co2 regulator and I will trade my 75/25 for a 37 pound co2 welding bottle tomorrow. I like how it welds with co2.


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              Do you have enough head pressure for many fills? I am using a 50lb CO2 bottle and a dip tube and it really works great. I got my parts at less than wholesale. If you need the pin depresseer fitting it is $9. [email protected]


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                According to my friend at Airgas it should work fine. I have already beat the $4.00 per little bottle fill price. They gave me the tank to try for a month at no charge, except the gas for $10.00. I will know by the end of the month if I need the pin. I might be e-mailing you soon?



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                  Scott V,

                  Sounds like a good deal. I'll be glad to pick up a fitting with a pin depressor. The tanks are .25 per oz locally. That's 3.00 = tax for a 12 oz bottle. I thought about trying to fill off the 20lb, but have not tried it yet.