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Blue 210 vs Red 215

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  • Blue 210 vs Red 215

    I was looking at the Millermatic DVI but found a used 135 this weekend for a song. Should I go Blue - Millermatic 210 - or Red - Power MIG 215? I'm thinking get the one that I can get the best deal on.

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    I favor the MM 210 for it higher top end power output ( about 25 volt @ 210 amps), which allows me to spray arc 1/4" or thicker in multiple passes, with the unit using 98/2 as my shielding gas. I understand most are to cheap to keep more than one bottle of shielding, so they probably won t use the spray capabilities of the 210, however, I think its nice to have the capability available if you ever need to use it. Anyway based on info Lincoln sent me (chart below) tap #7 on the PM 215 doesn t output a high enough voltage at 200 to 210 amps to produce a high quality spray transfer arc. The voltage needs to be somewhere between 24 to 25 volts. BTW, the #'s on this chart that Lincoln provided me tell me that the output of tap #7 on the PM 215 is similar to the output of tap #6 on the MM 210. What im seeing from all the info Licoln provided me on the PM 215 is that for some reason they chose to start tapping the PM 215 at a lower voltage range then Miller does the MM 210. I don t understand why lincoln chose to do this considering the lowend (tap #1) arc on the MM 210 with an .023 wire and C-25 is incredibly smooth and performance wise is excellent on light ga sheet metal.

    Well, I suspect my main reason for favoring the MM 210 won t matter much, however, I figured i d at least put the info out ther for you to consider.

    PM 215 Tap G ( High Tap)
    230V Input
    Input Output Comments
    Volts Amps Watts Volts Amps
    220 71 16430 2.1 842
    229.4 39.7 8233 21.2 250.3
    229.6 38.2 7889 21.6 240.1
    229.7 37 7613 21.9 230.4
    230 35.7 7334 22.4 220.5
    230.5 34.3 7040 22.8 210
    231.4 33.1 7641 23.1 200
    231.6 31.5 6400 23.41 190
    231.5 30.5 6100 23.8 180.5
    231.6 28.6 5756 24.2 170


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      MM210 great reviews

      i have herd nothing but good things about the 210 from many owners here, if you go with it you will not be disapointed
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        I own a mm210 and recomend it highly, I have owned lincoln machines in the past. I prefer the miller over all others I've used and some of this is due to technical support, other reasons are harder to measure. I know if there is an issue with my mm210 or dynasty 200dx I can key up on the computer and get the guys who have similar machines to submit ideas or possible solutions. There are probably 30 forum members with this machine and the only memorable problem was a bad regulator. Some of these machines get alot of use others not so much but accross the board it is a mainstay of the miller mig lineup.

        Both machines will serve you well but I think the mm210 is a better value, look at they have some good deals.


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          100% go with the MM210. Ease of use, quality internals and great support both on this board and from Miller themselves. I have one and love it. Next stop ... a tig.
          MM210 w/3035
          Next up - Sync 200


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            Originally posted by missin44
            I was looking at the Millermatic DVI but found a used 135 this weekend for a song. Should I go Blue - Millermatic 210 - or Red - Power MIG 215? I'm thinking get the one that I can get the best deal on.
            Be sure to try them both, You never know!!!!

            Since I tried the MM 210 there is no way I would buy one without at least trying the 215. Same goes with the 251 (which I tried too) 255c

            Just so you know, although I did not try all the wire sizes with the 210/251 I used. I happen to like some things about the Esab 173/203 better then both the Miller machines. I like the Miller machines better overall but the Esab has a very sweet arc to it.


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              There is nothing on any of my cars I can't weld with my 210. I love it and would trade it for anything...except maybe a 350p but only if it was a straight up trade.

              Business wise, a 210 has a much higher payback then a 251 when work with automotive. A 251 is nice but there isn't much need to weld 1/2" steel and teh capability to switch between steel and aluminum quickly makes the 210 a definite choice.
              MillerMatic 210, ThermalArc 185, O/A Victor outfit


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                Dan's response was very well thought out and with his background, I wouldn't be afraid to take advantage of his research and expertise. This said, you may not need to push a machine to Dan's requirements and if possible, try them for yourself at a dealer. Also, as the dealer to take the case of each unit to look at the internals. It doesn't take an engineer to see the difference in manufacturing quality. Keep in mind that what ever unit you purchase, in that size unit, both will weld in the average thickness material just fine. There are subtle differences and those are what set the units apart.

                Good luck!!
                Let us know how you fair.