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  • Galvanized Mig

    Any charts around for setting migs for galvanized?
    Yes I have ventilation
    Yes I wear a resp
    Got some newbies in the shop,just wanna give em some inside info

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    Phil T,

    WELCOME to the forum!

    Most of the galvanized I weld is done with a 7014 rod. I do mig some galvanized and pretty much used the same settings as uncoated mild steel. Maybe I run it a little hotter.

    Take a look at this Sonco Tube web page regarding the welding of glavanized tube. You may find it of interest.


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      I weld galvanize alot. I use 6011 or 6013. Have tried 7018 but couldn't get it to burn. If Hawk says 7014, then I'm going to try that.



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        what can the fumes do to you if you weld galvinized?

        does this same thing happen when you heat galvinized?


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          Hobart’s 21-B / Fabshield. I have run literally tons of this wire, best I’ve ever seen!


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            I think if time permits you can grind the Galvo off and use any carbon wire that you are used to but as i said the galvo must be ground to bare metal..
            The galvo smoke cause an adverse reaction in your system it is (obviously) called Galvonized poisoning. It gives you severe abdominal pain with severe vomiting until the body is rid of the poison.
            If you feel that you may have gotten, breathed in the smoke, and had breated to much you wont realize it until later on in the night or the next day.
            When and if you start to feel nausious (spelling?) you should drink a glass or two of whole milk because the milk will nutrilize the poison.
            I think that this goes for any time the galvo becomes airborne grinding, welding and burning. so a respo is nesseccary.
            Good luck.



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              I mig welded about 100 miles of weld making galv ductwork for the "new" Pittsburg airport 13 years ago. Just pretty much used the same settings as welding bare sheet steel. We also welded a lot of 2x2x1/4" hot dipped stuff. It was dipped thick and sucked welding...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                Brass Monkey,

                Very informative links! Thanks for the valuable informatiion.