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    I dont know about Miller, but I received three complimentary garage passes from Lincoln, this year at Talladega race .It was awesome, goto to try outalot of equipment they had there for Demo....You know didnt see the first Miller rep there........


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      I got a price quote on trailblazer 302 from local rep the other day it was like 4100.00.I got home found a sight they sell that machine for 3600.00 and free shipping. I called local rep the next day to see if he could help with the way i wanted set up....He said you plan on buying at the price i quoted?I said know that I was considering ordering off the internet.He said how much are you paying I told him there wass a big difference in the prices 500.00 or so .He said forget that he didnt take me serious that that was just a random figure that whatever they would sell it to me for ,he would beat by 100.00 to keep my buisness.They sent the wrong machine I think it was 275 trailblazer ,I wanted 302 trailblazer with the AC.WHile the 275 trailblazer was sitting there for a couple of days ,he made another sell ,said he made twice the money he sold the one to me for...


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        Miller does alot of good. I personally have met Andy and Mr. Galleygos (southwest representative) twice at SEMA and asked about a discount for my universities machine shop. Not olny did they give UTEP (university of Texas El Paso) a discount they also came down gave a demo, and some educational equipment. Yes, I did have to call many times and ask but they kept there word and were very honest and helpful. Because of there discount UTEP was able to participate in several competitions such as Mini Baja and a solar car project.
        We can't thank the good people al miller enough for what help they gave us a couple years ago.


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          These machines are a bargain, I really cant believe the cost. High value, go buy a piece of furniture, 300% markup. Lots of dealers make "deals" the car dealer about the worst. A bottle lease I already have is the only reason I would need to set foot in my dealer anymore. Price is tougher than ever and the new customer is used to and feels normal in a box store vs chuming up with ole Pete over in the industrial park warehouse so he can get a fair deal on a box of rod.


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            I am an 'average' guy. Never welded before in my life and I bought a Millermatic 210.

            The competition for my $$$$$ came down to two players. Lincoln who had retailers close to homelike Home Depot and Lowes, ( think parts & supplies ) and Miller. The day of decision making, it came down to two phone calls.

            Lincoln - when I called these fellas and told them I was looking at Miller all they could do was talk about how great their machines were. When they realized this talk was not winning me over the guy started in on " Well we have NASCAR, we are the Official sponsor ". I asked him, " how does that help me? ". He said ' well I guess it doesn't but I just wanted you to know who we sponsor "

            Miller - when I called them and told them I was looking at Miller and Lincoln they went on to talk about Lincoln, and strangely enough in a good way. No attempt to bash Lincoln at all just gave fair and accurate feature comparisons. Not to mention how much time their Tech Support guys spent with a person who didn't even own a welder, ( me ) but boy I sure had a ton of questions.

            I am not involved in Motorsports on a racing level but my son may well be at some point. He wants to race motorcycles.

            Having to drive the distance I did to buy the welder wasn't an issue either. Bruce the guy that sold it to me at B&R even gave me his personal cell number. In case I was on my way down there and got hung up in traffic I could call him and he would hang around until I got there.

            All in all, my Miller purchase experience was the best purchase experience I have had in my 50+ years of life.


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              I wish I would have known about the possible discount deal for race teams 2 months ago when I bought my dynasty 200dx ! Hey, and my car is already the right color ! Andy, I know this is a resurected thread, but is this still possible? I will be in the market for a MIG machine in the not too distant future.