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    Alright, I looked at the Synch 250 for $1,600. It was in a corner with a pallet in front, so I couldn't get the serial #. It looks to be in very good shape. Mid to late 90's would be my guess. It has a bernard cooler on it and water cooled torch with foot pedal. The new owner of the shop bought it with the shop and the unit does not power up. The on/off switch is easy to move, so it is probably just the switch. I could probably get the setup for $1,200.

    This is a smokin' deal, but I am still worried about the input power needed. I could probably give it 90 amps at 230v. With that input voltage it looks like I could get 240 amps out of it. I talked to a buddy that TIG's a lot and he has a machine hooked up to 230v on a 60 amp circuit. He says he has run 250 amps out of it and not popped the breaker. It is not a Miller though, but it is a squarewave transformer machine. I wonder if he really wasn't getting 250 amps out or if the Miller wastes more electricity?

    I just got off the phone with the electric company. I can upgrade the panel in the garage myself. I just have to run new wires and put in a breaker box. I think I will go with the synch 250 that I found and do the electric upgrade.

    Thanks for the help everyone!! I still want a D300DX, but maybe next year!
    Syncrowave 250DX w/Bernard cooler
    Handler 140