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Welding & Plasma Cutting Over An Epoxy Floor?

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    Originally posted by Rocky D
    If you have one of these, you don't have to worry about the floor.

    The bars drop into the slots and can be removed when burnt up. Pan of water under the slot frame soaks up the sparks.
    Rocky, thanks for the additional ideas. I appreciate it.

    Originally posted by pjseaman
    We had an epoxy floor in the old weld shop at school and it was a mess and was really easy to blister. I agree with the fellows, plain concrete is better in a weld shop.
    Unfortunately, that's not an option for me if I want to weld in my garage, since the epoxy is already laid on all 600 sq ft. I couldn't rip it up, even if I wanted to, and it does serve a useful purpose in being very easy to clean for most garage usage. So my options are: (1) don't weld or cut at home, (2) do it over the concrete driveway (which, as noted above, is not problem free either), or find a way to cover the floor or catch the sparks/slag.

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I really appreciate the ideas. If you have any additional thoughts, keep 'em coming.
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      How about concrete board, a sheet of aluminum, or masonite. Laid on the floor? I built a flame table for the school, it was a verticle slat top with an angled slides and a slide out tray that caught the hot slag and sparks. The table Idea would reduce the damage but not eliminate hot sparks from popping off the top and landing on the floor.

      Hope this helps,