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    I'm welding on carbon steel 6'' pipe shedual 40 my welding rod is 309L mixed metal rod I'm not sure what my amperage setting should be based on or set at? I'm working on testing 6'' coupons on a 6G fixed position.

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    I take it you are using a 1/8" diameter 309L rod. It should burn in the 110 -140 amp range. It is always best to run a few inches of test beads at different amperages and deslag to see what provides the best bead. It is dependant on position as horizontal and vertical runs will roll out if the rod is burning too hot.


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      HAWK thanks for your reply, yes I'm using 1/8 rod and 3/32 rod but the amperage setting you indicated seem extreemly to high I use 7018 1/8 rod and only set amps atabout 95 to 110 for fixed position welds. I wonder if there is any specs in a text book or manual for this 309L rod, any Idea where I can find this info?


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        I'm sorry I missed the range on this one. Here is a HOBART DATA SHEET for their Smootharc Plus 309-16 SS electrode. Look at the second page and there are some amperage ranges listed. As always decrease your amperage for out of postion welds by 5-15 amps.

        I tend to run hot on stick welds. I used to do field work and was guaranteed nobody would grab my stinger because it was always so hot. I like running a 3/32" 7018 up to 110 amps. Most people run them around 90 amps.


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          Here's a MCKAY SS ROD CHART for download. I hope this helps.