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Spectrum 625 air leak ?

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  • Spectrum 625 air leak ?

    Starting a new thread for this. jolane I hope you find this.
    What pressure do you have coming into the machine? I run 125-175psi on my system so I use a regulator on the wall to my 625. I set the reg at 90psi. and then set the 625 reg by the book settings. Book says input air 90-150psi.
    You might try blowing air in that drain line to see if you have a piece of trash in the water seperator.
    I use a dark pair of O/A cutting glasses with my machine. If outside I can see a chaulk line using my auto dark hood but not inside, I find the glasses work fine.

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    I found it TimW!
    Thank you for starting a new thread. I have ~165 PSI at my tank, and use a regulator to feed the 625 100 psi. I have tried changing this value to see if it helped, and it did not. I then set the 625 to the book values also depending on what I am doing ( cutting or gouging).
    I will try blowing out the drain line. I guess I did not realize that this machine had an internal filter. I assume the line comes from a filter? I bought a Motorgaurd for it also, and also have a very nice coalescing water separator at the compressor. No pre-oiler though! Do I really need the motorgaurd then if there is an internal filter?
    Thanks Again,


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      Opps, I meant to also say that my cutting problem is not necessarily related to being able to see the line (although sometime it is difficult), but mostly do to my unsteadiness with the torch. With O/A I am able to rest my arms while cutting and get a fairly clean cut, but with the plasma I feel like i have to move way too fast, and I think this is where I am unsteady. For straight lines I use a guide, but it is the little curves that I can't follow to save my life. As an aside, I am not so sure I could effectively use a little roller guide standoff thing...just have to move too fast.
      I have tried reducing the power output, but when cutting 1/4" and below, I still feel like I am being rushed.