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    On the subject of bending aluminum: What do you know about hydroforming 6061 series tubes?


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      I have a fair anount of 1/8 inch aluminum bent for me in a press brake and its 5052. 6061 is too hard to get a sharp bends and will fracture. There are some tricks like a igger radius bend and bending against the grain.


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        i found out how well the 3003 matched the 4043. the beads were to fix bad spots, then ground, sanded and polished to look like nothing had ever been done. that was the "plan" anyway. it blended well enough, but i can still see were the repairs are. though i don't think anyone else would, unless i pointed it out. it was easy to see, before i polished it.

        ya know. i have bent 6061 before. for brackets, pieces like 1"x.125"x? . to a sharp bend. some sandpaper made it look like it was meant to be like it was. so i guess it depends on the bend.


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          Blown S-10,

          How are you polishing your pieces?


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            This post is going to be real wordy!!!

            Sorry about not getting to call you this weekend, I'm ear deep in welding projects and had to get them out the door.

            Most people will say that 4145 isn't any good for 3003 to 3003, but it works well. What i like about it is that it has a low melting point {lower than 1100,4043,and 4047} which for me, works real good with thin sheets, heat exchangers, tanks, etc. The 4145 also is less susceptible to heat cracks during welding and shrinkage cracks during the cool down. You can use it as a brazing rod or a tig rod. It lays down like 1100, but the over all weld is stronger. The downside is cost and availability {i'm sure there are more} !! It's not a real common rod though. Here is a neat link:

            I use what i like to call freak rods { uncommon alloy rods } all the time. Don't even ask what i use 5183 for.

            The thing with 6061 in any form {0 - T6} is it doesn't enlongate well { stretch}. When you bend it cold, you'll start to see cracking in the grain structure {even if it's bent with the grain}. From what i've seen in the tube and pipe journals is that hydroformed they are getting about 12% enlongation before the tube splits I don't know what applications they are trying to get 6061 tube to go in though.

            I also have to agree with one of the other post's today Hawk, You are a wealth of knowledge and one he#* of a welder. A tip of the cap to you!!!
            Mike. R

            Dynasty 300dx tig runner w/ 3 torch Versa-Tig torch changer {wt-20f, wt-24f, mt-125}
            MM 251/30a/4015 roughneck
            Miller portable spot welder
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              Thanks for the compliments. There is always next weekend. I try for the free weekend thing on the cell phone or after 9:00 in the evening. I bought AlcoTec filler in the 4145, 4047, and 1100. The 4145 is not too bad @ < $15.00/lb. I appreciate your input on this filler and the link. I am anxious to give it a try. I have to ask. 5183???

              Ford has done some testing with hydrofroming of 6061 tubing. They seem to have considerable problems with defromation and bursting at low test parameters. Thanks for the additional information.


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                i sand the livin crap out of it with 220, then 400, then 800. then i buff it on my 8" buffer. parts come out pretty good, not super duper show quality, but not bad at all. and thats good enough for me.


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                  Blown S-10,

                  It looks good from here!