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AL, pulse and Synchrowave 180 SD ?

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  • AL, pulse and Synchrowave 180 SD ?

    I'm doing a lot more AL now, and thought about adding pulse to my older 180 SD only to discover from the Miller rep that the PC-300 has been discontinued.
    So my question is, what are my options, if any, short of moving up to a 250 DX or a Dynasty?
    If that's it, how do the 250 DX and the Dynasty compare on aluminum (mostly 1/8 down but some 1/4). Seems like the Dynasty 200 would be on the light side, and I don't want to spend money and end up with less capability than I have now.
    I'd like to come out of this with better capability on both aluminum and steel if I'm going to commit my wallet to the flames. I've read the other threads on this subject to try not to beat a dead horse, but I'm coming at it from a slightly different angle. If you were in my shoes, would you move up to the 250 DX, or consider the Dynasty 200 or 300 based on good all around capability and increased versatility on aluminum?

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    when old BLUE Eyes went

    Hope this does not get me thrown off, but the big red machine always has a answer,,,BIG BLUE is open your wallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, Jack


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      I was in the same situation you are a few weeks ago. I was all ready to buy a synch 250 till I demo'd a dynasty 200. I was able to do .500 alum. to .090 with no problems with the freq. set to 200hz. Do a search on "dynasty" and you will be reading this forum for a while. They have trade offs between the synch. 250 and the dyn. 200 machine as you will see in the posts on this.
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        I have never used a Dynasty and am learning tig on a Syncrowave 250 I just purchased,but I have read these forrums extensively and if I were doing a lot of aluminum I would go for the Dynesty 300 if I could afford it since you are concerned about the 200 being light.I beleive in planning for the worst.
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