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How about a Miller motor sports school

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    Simply put YES
    I think that the promotional side alone would be a big help in helping the younger welders out with some additional knowlage. Let alone expand Miller in motorsports..
    Red has the motorsports school & alot of exclusive track exposure(as you are very aware of, Andy) and Miller has a Motorsports forum with no school. It is understood that you are limited with your time (very much apperciated) and that you provide a great service.
    The Marketing of Miller could start at the entry shop level and Motorsports is a ever growing venue. The SEMA show as a leading example of expansion market.
    It has become ever apparent that Red sees this market area and has focused a large investment in it (the you build it shows with lots of Red machines in the background).
    I will get off my soap box with one last item: Miller has been a great influence in welding by providing service, knowlage & support & I would be the first to purchase a book & or video just to help some of those that come to my shop to learn. Especially to promote Miller in Motorsports.


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      ANDY, i will make a deal with you.....send me out a gallon of miller blue paint, and a bunch of miller stickers and i will make my car a miller machine.......

      it will only cost you a passport, syncro 250 anda dynasty300 (oh **** any of the three)

      and a nice new helmet too



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        **** that's no deal, I already have a Miller shop & I was the one who paid for the paint and the machines I feel like Forest Gump, Stupid is as stupid does...


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          I know I'd be interested. I don't get any time to watch people TIG because I am the only person I know that does any sort of welding at all (TIG or MIG or anything at all). It would probably help me a lot if I knew how to REALLY weld instead of just making things up as I go.

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          Oxy-Acet w/ Victor torch
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            I did the Lincoln school just over a year ago. To get the "member" rate yo uhave to join their "Motorsports Club" which gives you discounts on equipment. No cost to join, and you don't have to own their equipment to join.

            Do you do agree to put up a Lincoln banner in your shop and put Lincoln decals on your race cars and transporters. No way for them to check up though.

            The Basic course was $445 for members. All materials are included, you have to supply your own safety gear (helmet, gloves, jacket or sleeves, safety shoes and safety glasses). The class to welding ratio is about 40/60. Lots of info on alloys and filers and such. Lots of handouts and books.

            The show you, and allow you to practice welding mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel and 4130 tubing. Also some stainless tubing. You get shown and can work with MIG and plasma cutting. And actually you can work with any process they have there. Just ask. In my class the instructor was nursing a cold and was not as attentive with help in the shop as I expected.

            I have talked to people who have taken the Advanced course and it more like 10.90 class to shop time. They go into magnesium, titanium, and Inconel welding. You can also work with any of the the metals from the first course.

            This course is about $200 more than the Basic course, I guess to cover the increased materials cost.

            But anyway, lots of good training. But I did buy Miller.


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              Good info!

              Thanks Pinecone and Welcome!



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                when did you go pine cone ?



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                  i would buy 1, i got the miller student pack only after being told the video in the other pack realy wasent werth seeing.if there was a video showing some good welding tips, ya know the good stuff. you could count me in also. heck you could probly getit in prity low on the budjet being how youre already there doing it any way all ya need is a few A/V guys. then we that cant travel to you can rejoice
                  thanks for the help
                  hope i helped
                  feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
                  summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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                    Miller Presents Andy's Video!!!!


                    Seeing you weld in a video and describing how to control the weld puddle, pushing, dragging, and weld penetration would be worth more a 1,000 photos. Miller would sell a 1,000 copies the first year and the people who purchased them would write back asking for more but with better questions because they saw and learned more from the first video. Most welders are mechanically inclined and see what they are doing in their mine first then apply it to their hands. I have learned more from watching the old pro’s than any book that I have read.

                    The video does not have to be so professionally done that would drive the cost up, just really great camera work and you talking about what you are doing and pointer to be looking out for while you are doing it. What you do every day in your own mine while welding but talking into a mike.

                    Jim Douglas


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                      When are theu going to be ready
                      I like the idea of a get together better.That's not a bad drive either


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                        the basic class was more like 70% class time 30% shop.....or it seemed that way.........

                        same with the advanced 70% class time .......

                        p.c. i went in fall of 03 for basic spring 04 for advanced.........which one did you go to and who did you have for instructor



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                          If ANDY bought the paint I would paint my wifes Lincoln, Miller blue. It would get a look or two. BTW it is a 93 lincoln mark 8, I think she would flip out, it might be worth the price of admission!!!


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                            Don't do it before April! Next thing you know you will pushing MM210's at the corner house on the block and all the AVON sales people with thier pink Cadillacs will be jealous.


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                              Big smiles, big laughs, do you think she would get a discount, hummm!!!!


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                                Originally posted by HAWK
                                Come on guys. Let's go!

                                I went last year and had a blast! The exhibits are great, the demo booths are really informative as far as current equipment from Miller and other ITW companies, and the people are wonderful. Andy's demos are really good too!!!
                                And then there is the used equipment for sale so what are waiting for?


                                I don't guess Sue will be in the driver's seat this time around.
                                Hawk, is there new equipment for sale at this show also. Discounted?