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Questions for Andy about 350P

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  • Questions for Andy about 350P

    Hi Andy;
    I was just looking over the comparison propaganda from Miller and Lincoln on the 350P & 350MP Lincoln machines.I noticed that the Lincoln has stick,tig and mig capabilites.Is there any talk of Miller doing that with the 350P??It seems that it would be easy enough with XMT guts already in this machine and the XMT seems to be quite profficient in all of these catagorys.Also the dual gas solonoids on the Lincoln are a neat feature.


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    As far as I know, no talk about it from our camp. Sorry but I'd rather have a dedicated unit for my tig. We made an all in one unit years ago called the shopmaster. When you got it rigged out, you could have gotten 2 dedicated units instead plus we didn't sell many. Maybe they will look into it. Is it something you would really buy? If so, I'll send this on to the commitee.



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      Welcome back from the fun and sun of Fla. I would have been interested in such a model prior to purchasing my D200DX. If it were available when the next machine purchase came around I would definantly give it a look and a try. I almost bought a shopmaster, but bought the Dynasty instead. Last weekend a shopmaster sold at auction here in town for $1700 over 10 years old!!!

      Now I feel what I paid for my machine was a real deal lighter tooo!!!!


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        Do You really think the transformer based?? shopmaster is a fair comparison to XMT inverter technology????? I have not talked to a shopmaster owner that is real happy with his machine.Is'nt the XMT multi-proccess an all in one???? I think that one has helped put some meat with everyones potatoes at Miller.My point was: The XMT electronics are already in this machine,so why not set it up with the same features of the XMT???These features are on the Lincoln and it's been working for them.As far as WOULD WE BUY IT??? You betcha..........I think that the lack of these features are the only reason that some of us hard-core Miller fans have even looked at the Lincoln 350MP.