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14 pin connector?

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  • 14 pin connector?

    What is the most common use of a 14 pin connector?
    I have one on my TrailBlazer that I assume is for running a wire feeder?

    But, I also have a MM250 with the 10 pin module for running the 30A spool gun. The 10 pin module also has a 14 pin connector. What would this be used for on the MM250? Just wondering if I have some hidden capability that I should be aware of.

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    The 10 pin hook up would be for an older model.I would say that Miller standardized there plugs about 10 - 15 years ago or maybe longer and even though you have a 14 pin amphenal does'nt mean every accesory uses all 14 pins but its a universal cable.
    With your Trail blazer you can run your spool gun, I have an older gun so mine just plugs straight in, the newer guns need a W-C 24 controller that go between the gun and the power source.
    I also have a S22P-12 Suitcase feeder that uses the 14 pin cantactor cable.
    The fuction of the cable is I can adjust the wire speed feed at the feeeder and the voltage controll.
    Your Trail blazer also operates a HF 251 High Freq box used for tig welding aluminum that runs through the cabe.
    Hope this helps. Portable Welder.


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      The idea of the 14 pin is that you can run virturally any Miller or competitors accessories on your machine, and/or have a remote control.

      It's a 20-27 series amphenol if your interested

      As for the 10 pin, no hidden agenda, it's just fo running a 15, or 30A gun and thats about it...