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Question about Diamond Ground Samples

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  • Question about Diamond Ground Samples

    So, as suggested by someone on this board, I filled out a sample request form for 4 different samples, but they only sent me 1 electrode. Is this all they send?

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    Typically they send 4 sticks. Call Jim and tell him what happened. He will take of you and more will be in the mail ASAP.

    Jim Elizarraz
    Diamond Ground Products, Inc.
    805-498-3837 Ext. # 226
    Fax: 805-498-9347


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      HAWK's right. The guy I talked to would have sent me one of each of what they offer but I felt kind of bad doing that. I end up getting the tri-mix and the cryo-t each in two different sizes. That's a good deal considering what you might pay for 4 tungs at the local welding store. I'm sure the others are on the way.
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        i had the same thing hapen when i used the form on there site, just figured i messed it up shortly after i receved it they called me to see if i got all the info i needed and they sent me a new form (see atached) with it i got 4 from them, just cuz i wanted to try 2 types and wanted to see if there was a noticable diferance between standerd and high polish
        great people to deal with,Cindy was great to me, if i ever get that TIG she will be the first to know as ill order from them again for shoure

        atached is the sample form they sent me to fill out and i e-mailed it back to them. hope it helps looks like you got plenty of phone #'s but i think there are some on the form also
        Attached Files
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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